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Those who can apply online
Persons who live in Kawaguchi City who want to dispose of items used at home, as oversized garbage.
※However, business (commercial) items used at home and business-related oversized garbage may not be accepted for disposal.
Please make sure to read before applying
  • We will suspend the use of this system when trouble occurs.
  • One household can apply for up to 15 items at one time.
  • Oversized garbage items from business (commercial) use are not collected, so please apply to a Licensed General Waste Collection and Transportation company (refer to Kawaguchi City website).Also, even though the reception was completed, if the oversized garbage taken out at the time of collection is found to be business-related, please understand that the item will not be collected.
  • This is the same if items that cannot be collected are taken out, they will not not be collected.
  • For lockable chests of drawers, etc., please make sure they are unlocked, and the contents are emptied before disposing.Items that are not emptied, cannot be collected. This is also the same for items that are locked.
  • About items with attached motors, batteries, etc., because we cannot dispose motors, batteries, etc., please remove them beforehand.
  • Please take out oversized garbage without placing the items in bags or boxes.
Have you read the above notes?
When you click the 'Agree and proceed to application' button, the button to proceed to applications will be displayed.

About protection of personal information
  • Kawaguchi City uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt application content.